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This free site was created by Talking Dog Studios. Please support our advertisers. We have more fun and useful “Augmented Reality” websites on the way, watch this box for more announcements. And here's links to our blog, facebook group , and twitter feeds.
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NEW - Now you can be Santa Claus! Check out our new Augmented Reality Santa. And don't forget our companion site to this one - "How Big is the Baby?". Enjoy!

Curious about designing your own augmented reality in flash? FLARToolKit

Aren't planets fascinating? Here's a fun "Augmented reality" website that lets you see how big the other planets are in relation to each other! This is an educational experience that lets you look in a "Virtual Mirror" where you see yourself holding each of the planets of our amazing solar system. If you see something you like, click on the "Take a picture" button to save a photo of you with a planet to your desktop, or to share the picture with your friends on facebook.

    Download the Marker
  1. To begin, click here to download the marker. Print it, and cut the marker out on the dotted line.
  2. Push “Allow” in the window above to turn on your webcam. A big "Play" button will appear, click on that to start the show.
  3. When the computer sees the marker properly the words “How Big is a Planet?” will be floating around a little model of planet earth.
  4. Push the numbers 1 to 9 on your keyboard to see the different planets. You can also use the left/right arrows on your keyboard or in the window. There is a "full screen" button, in that mode only the arrows work to switch between planets. A voice provides more information, click on the "mute" button if you prefer.

For more detailed instructions, and tips, click here. Have fun!

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